making the roaming future

What I'm up to

Apart from being a dad of two kids, an annoying husband to my lovely wife, I’m working on the next releases of PolyPass and Headlines apps.

Also, if time allows, I’m working on stuff around the home to make it smarter and more pleasant to live in. Also, recently got interested in quadcopters, and I built one that’s based on an old-school cheap ZMR250 frame and an ELRS link. Also, trying to dabble in wifibroadcast-ng to put together a DIY FPV system based on an H.265-streaming security camera with a Wi-Fi dongle attached to it. Somehow it’s pretty exciting to play with software which goes onto a thing that flies!

My day job used to be iOS freelancing, but I started settling down around 2014 beginning with a role of Senior Mobile Developer at Currency One where I made the currency exchange app for iOS. Currently I’m helping to make Allegro Lokalnie the best client-to-client market platform in Poland.