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Headlines 1.4 released

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I’m happy to announce that after months of tweaks, real-world testing and foot-dragging, version 1.4 of Headlines is finally up on the App Store. Thanks to a coworker and a friend of mine that happens to be an awesome UX and UI designer as well, I’m extremely happy with app’s updated look.

For comparison, take a look at before and after of the main screen and the list of articles (Hi Marco Arment!).

I didn’t get to blog on what happened between 1.1 and 1.4, actually. In short, a lot. The highlights include:

Initially the price of the app was outrageous. The main reason was that I didn’t feel like the app was ready for public consumption. Seems strange to publish an app to App Store and not wanting for people to download it, doesn’t it? Well, yeah, I’m here for the journey. Kidding aside, I wanted the 1.0 published to get feedback on the direction I should take. Also, I perhaps wanted to gather an insane customer base of people ready to pay $4,99 for a simple and not-that-distinctive product in a highly competitive market. Apart from closest family and friends, sane people are a vast majority.

Currently, even though I still haven’t solved the one main feature I wanted to add, i.e. Dropbox sync (yeah, I know who Brent Simmons is), I’m a lot happier with app’s current iteration.

I wanted to give it a sustainable price, but I’ve been hearing for the last few years that the App Store is no longer sustainable, especially for non-hit-upfront-paid apps. After some consideration, I dropped the price to the ~1,99 $/€ tier to see what happens. I’m mulling over going free with in-app Overcast-style patronage model, which could move the needle a bit, but first I’ll see if download numbers change for current price.

Happy reading!

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