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Headlines Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected by Headlines app for iPhone and other Apple platform devices, henceforth known as The App.

Information we collect

The App does not provide any account information, therefore it does not collect nor use any sign-in data such as logins, emails, or passwords.

The App uses device’s local storage to collect feed subscription data that includes feed URLs, articles, headline images (if such is discovered in an article), article read and favorite (bookmark) state, henceforth known as The Content.

The Content is used to facilitate and organize user’s consumption of subscription content.

The Content is partially submitted to device’s local content indexing subsystem called Spotlight Search (or just Search) in order to facilitate device-local search of app content.

Logging and analytics

The App uses device’s local storage to collect general, anonymous, app feature usage, and debugging data like failures of feed download or discovery, and other abnormal events occurring during app use, henceforth known as The Logs.

The App sends The Logs to app author’s self-operated virtual server over a secure, encrypted connection, for debugging and app improvement purposes. The data is stored in form of a log file only accessible by app’s author.

System clipboard content

The App analyses system’s clipboard content at launch and when brought to foreground purely in search of a Feed URL the user may add to subscriptions. Clipboard contents are not in any way modified, stored, or transmitted.

Data retention and deletion

The App performs periodic clean-up of outdated subscription Content that has been read and not bookmarked.

All app data is removed when the app is deleted from the device.

Your consent

By using The App, you consent to the Privacy Policy.